A quick sketch to show my support to all the gay men from Chechnya. I just can’t believe that people can’t be free to be who they really are. The world has way bigger issues to deal with and loving people of the same gender as you are isn’t one of them ! World, you are such a mess...


Another merman ! This one is inspired by the cute Davi Moreira


Fairy tales

here are my gay version of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White

After Ariel, Belle, Aurora and Snow White…
and even if Odette isn’t a Disney princess,
here comes the Swan Prince !


Tale as old as time

After The Little Mermaid, the French fairy tale Beauty and the Beast is definitely my second favorite ! This amazing couple is presented here as two strong and hairy gay men.


Mermaid doll

Many artists that I know or follow already did this kind of drawing
but I really wanted to do mine.

Growing up as a little boy who loves girly stuff, dolls and mermaid
 has been to me the most normal thing in the world thanks to my amazing parents !

Boys are allowed to play with dolls and love mermaids ! This is a very important message that I wanted to say !

So here is a little me with my Ariel doll. I loved her so much. Especially her design and the fact that she could sing Part of Your World. I had so many good memories with this doll (yes… she had a tough life as you can see ^^)


Claire la Sirène 2

Here are two backgrounds that I did for the lastest video of
the beautiful french mermaid performer Claire La Sirène
I had the pleasure to work for her again (I did her opening youtube video)
Go see her lastest video : Claire la Sirène

Part of his World

Part of his World

EDIT : It is always a pleasure for me to draw Disney’s Ariel even if this is not the one we know. (I also couldn’t choose between the version with or without glitters, so here are both of them !)